What is the #HelloMahalo Atlas?

The #HelloMahalo Diversity Atlas is a research tool that curates and maps initiatives by individuals, organizations, governments and corporations that promote diversity around the world. Whether it's through photography, housing, music, surfing, providing online support or creating public spaces, the projects that appear on the Atlas utilize various means to promote integration and awareness of diversity. 

The purpose of the #HelloMahalo Atlas is to gather initiatives from different corners of the planet in one place. First of all, we hope to make it easier for anyone interested in diversity to begin their exploration. We also aim to help those who want to create their own projects to be inspired, to perhaps learn from what has already been done and to provide new creators with a platform to share their project. Finally, by combining all these separate initiatives into one place we hope to strengthen the message that they all share.

How can I use the #HelloMahalo Atlas?

There are two main ways to use the Atlas for research purposes. The first one is through the map itself. Simply click on the geographical region you wish to investigate and the map will zoom in so you can find specific projects. Once you find a project, click on "Read more" and you will be able to access a summary, website, social media and contact information. 

There are two symbols on the map. A simple Google Maps marker stands for one project. When there is more than one project in the same area, they will be grouped and represented by a circle with a number inside it. The number indicates how many projects there are in that particular region. 

The other way to look for projects is through the search bar which can be found on the "Projects" tab. Simply type in keywords such as LGBT, music, languages, women and so on and the related projects will show up.

How can I submit a new project?

Initially created by multicultural singer-songwriter and author Haikaa, the projects that first appeared on the #HelloMahalo Atlas were a reflection of the artist’s personal experiences, research and contacts. However, the #HelloMahalo Atlas is an ongoing project that seeks to portray diversity by including as many voices as possible. We welcome new submissions and projects can be sent via our submissions form on the "add projects" section. 

Why promote diversity?

There may be as many versions of reality as there are people on this planet. Recognizing diversity sets the foundation for that realization, which is crucial for establishing respect as the basis for our relationship with each other. One’s own culture, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, social, economic and educational background are just a few of the elements that shape the diverse landscape that is our global society. Those elements may differ widely from person to person and diversity results precisely from those differences. 

In most circumstances, differences are neither good nor bad if we can recognize them as such. We really don’t have to hold the same opinions. We don’t have to be best friends. We don’t even have to like each other. If only we could learn to respect each other in those areas where our “personal worlds” intersect, then the experience of life on Earth might just be that much more graceful for all of us. 

#HelloMahalo Diversity Atlas Theme Song (Haikaa/Knotts/Mercuri)

I can't be you I can't free you

You can't be me but we both can see

You've a different face and you're a different race

From a different place but it's still the case

That we should talk and risk saying hello

And we should listen just listen

Hello Mahalo

I see you You see me

But there's a space between us like infinity

It just so happens you're here standing so near

Is this a game 

Are we the same

I think we should talk and risk saying hello

And we should listen just listen

Hello Mahalo